Comparing a party bus and limo bus

People often call Atlanta limousine companies to ask the rates for limos, party buses, and stretch SUVs. There is a lot of factors that determine the price of a limo, party bus, or SUV in Atlanta. Before we can answer this question we have to know certain bits of information. Typically, the first thing we ask is, would you like to rent a party bus, limo bus, or stretch SUV like a Hummer? The reason we ask this is because the price between these three different types of limousines can vary tremendously depending on how many people are in your party where you are going, the pick up location, and what day of the week you need the vehicle. To better prepare you for your special night on the town, let me explain the difference between the three main larger limousine types and why one might cost more than another

Atlanta Limo Bus
. A limo bus is often referred to as a limousine bus or a party bus. In all actuality there is a big difference between a Limo Bus and a Party Bus. Limousine stands for luxury, when you rent a Limousine Bus it should be luxurious. The inside should have wrap around leather seating. Mirrors should adorn the ceilings and accent the walls. There should be adequate cup and champagne flute holders. The floor is typically wood or carpet. A Limo Bus should be a bigger version of a standard limousine sedan. There is usually a custom lighting and sound system which is typical.

Next on the list is the Atlanta Party Bus. Sometimes the term Party Bus and Limo Bus are confused for one another. It is definitely a mistake to think a party bus is the same as a limo bus. A party bus is generally a larger bus that has been out fitted with coolers, lights, bench seating, and a sound system. Party Buses are not always “Luxurious” but they can be. They are made to “party” on. Instead of champagne flutes, you will find red solo cups. Instead of leather wraparound seating, you might find carpeted bench seating. Make sure when renting a party bus or a limo bus, to ask the necessary questions so that you can avoid frustration.

The last of the larger vehicles I want to discuss is the stretch SUV. There are many different types of stretch SUV’s, Hummers, Escalades, and Expeditions to name a few. A stretch SUV can best be compared to a Limo bus, not a party bus. The main difference is a limo bus has higher ceilings so the passengers can fully stand up and walk around. A Stretch SUV like a Hummer, does not have high enough ceilings so the passengers must bend in order to move around. Typically a stretch SUV has a more appealing look compared to a limo bus, this is why some customers choose a stretch SUV over a typical Limo Bus.

So to recap, the Limo Bus is your luxurious choice with the ability to stand up and move around. The Party Bus is not typically so luxurious but is very fun non the less, and lastly the stretch SUV is very luxurious but has limitations regarding the ability to stand. So when you are ready to rent your larger limousine, make sure to ask the right questions.