Rent a party bus for homecoming in Dallas

The following article will explain how to rent a party bus or limousine for your dallas area homecoming school dance.

The best way to enjoy your homecoming dance is to rent a party bus. It will ensure everyone is safe and together. However, due to the fact the renting dallas limousines and dallas party buses for homecoming has become so popular I felt the need to give you a few tips to make the entire process go more smoothly. The three very important things you need to remember when trying to rent a party bus or limousine for a Dallas homecoming is “Lack of Availability”, cost, and planning.

Lack of availability is the most important factor when it comes to renting a limousine or party bus so it is the issue I want to tackle first. I can tell you from my experience owning and operating a party bus brokerage, that the business time of the year is homecoming. Our phones start ringing off the hook about two weeks after school starts. We get thousands of calls for kids asking how much it costs to rent a party bus. We book all of our buses and limousines very fast. Every year I speak with hundreds of parents begging me to try and find them a bus. Or even worse I speak with parents that “thought” they had a bus reserved but never paid a deposit. If you plan to book a limousine or party bus for homecoming please keep in mind that everything gets booked very quickly. Don’t delay.

Due to the fact that their is such a high demand for limousines and party buses in Dallas for homecoming they are typically more expensive then if you were to rent the same vehicle during a different time of the year. This is a simple supply and demand issue. There is a huge demand which pushes the price up. I do understand where some of the limo operators are coming from, however, there are party bus companies out there that will simply take advantage of you. When shopping around make sure to call at least five different companies. This will give you a better idea of the average price. Also, keep in mind that the first companies you called typically are better marketed, this means they get lots of calls and have no reason to lower their prices. Try to call companies that show up on the second or third page of your search engine or business directory. The last area of price I want to touch on is reserving the bus. You will have to pay a deposit that can sometimes be 50% of the total rental amount in order to reserve the bus. This is pretty standard during special events. Make sure to pay your deposit on a credit card and not cash, doing this will give you recourse in case something goes wrong.

Planning is the last area I would like to focus on with regarding to your Dallas Homecoming party bus rental. If you are renting a party bus for 25 kids going to homecoming the last thing you want to do is leave it up to them to do any planning. From my experience the more you change your itinerary after you book your party bus the higher the odds of there being a mistake. Make sure to have all or your details in order at the time of booking. Your limousine operator’s job is to provide you with super service, but its important to keep in mind this is a very busy time for the limousine and party bus industry. Be smart and don’t leave anything up to chance. Plan accordingly and ask lots of questions!

How to rent a party bus

How to rent a Party Bus

Ever wanted to rent a party bus or limousine and not know where to start? The good news is your not alone. Renting a party bus or limousine can be a very daunting experience. There are so many options to chose from that most people don’t know where to start. Unfortunately it is also very easy to get taken advantage of. The party bus and limousine industry is fragmented into 100′s of smaller limousine operators. My goal within this article is to provide some useful information that will help with your party bus renting experience. The main areas I am going to focus on is doing the right research, asking the right questions, and making the smart decisions. So lets get right to it.

When it comes to researching the best party bus company in your area the internet can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. I suggest using and typing in 2-4 different search terms. Be very specific. If you are looking for a Pink Hummer for rent in the city of Atlanta, then type, “Pink Hummer for Rent in Dallas“. The more specific your “keyword” the better the search results will be. Another important factor to consider when doing research is the pictures of the vehicles. Do the pictures on the website look generic? If so stay away. Whether you use a Limousine Broker, which is usually a really good idea, or you work directly with a local limousine operator, make sure the pictures on the site are unique.

Once you have narrowed your search down to 3-5 party bus companies, it is time to start calling them. Before a limousine sales person can give you a price they will need specific information about your party bus rental. Typically they will need to know the vehicle type, date, times, and locations of your rental. I suggest you ask a few questions to qualify them before you start giving up information. The first question I always ask is, are the pictures on your site of the actual buses in your fleet? If not ask them to email you a picture of the vehicle you will be renting. Its not necessarily a red flag if the vehicles on the site are not up to date because a lot of times limousine operators run their entire business, from sales to operations, and might not have been able to update their website recently. The important thing is they provide you with pictures one way or another. If they try to talk around showing you pictures, RUN AWAY!

If you are happy with the pictures the party bus company has provided, the next step is to make the right decisions. In the party bus industry there are two ways to “reserve” are party bus or limousine. Pay a 25 to 30% deposit, with the rest due the day of the rental or pay the entire price up front. The only time you should pay the entire rental amount upfront is if it is a special event such as a Prom or Holiday and even in this situation, only do so if you are able to fins several positive reviews of the limo company. If the reservation is for a standard rental never pay the entire amount upfront, unless of course you are booking the vehicle he same day as your rental.

Please be smart when renting a party bus. This is a very special day. Ask lots of questions.

Difference between Party Bus, Limo Bus, and SUV

People often call a limousine company and ask how much does a party bus or limo cost. This is a loaded questions. Before we can answer this question we have to know a lot more information. Typically, the first thing we ask is, would you like to rent a party bus, limo bus, or stretch SUV like a Hummer? The price between these three different types of limousines can vary tremendously depending on how many people are in your party and what day of the week you need the vehicle. To better prepare you for your special night on the town, let me explain the difference between the three main larger limousine types.

Let start with Limo Bus. A limo bus is often referred to as a limousine bus or a party bus. In all actuality there is a big difference between a Limo Bus and a Party Bus. Limousine stands for luxury, when you rent a Limousine Bus it should be luxurious. The inside should have wrap around leather seating. Mirrors should adorn the ceilings and accent the walls. There should be adequate cup and champagne flute holder. A custom lighting and sound system is a must. The floor is typically wood or carpet. A Limo Bus should be a bigger version of a standard limousine sedan.

The next vehicle I am going to talk about is the Party Bus. Unfortunately the term Party Bus and Limo Bus is often interchanged. This is a mistake and can cause much frustration when going about renting a vehicle for your special event. A party bus is typically a larger bus that has been out fitted with coolers, bench seating, and a sound system. Party Buses are not typically “Luxurious”, meaning they do not have the upscale feel when you are on one. They are made to “party” on. Instead of champagne flutes, you will find red solo cups. Instead of leather wraparound seating, you might find carpeted bench seating. Make sure when renting a party bus or a limo bus, to ask the necessary questions so that you can avoid frustration.

The last of the larger vehicles I want to discuss is the stretch SUV. There are many different types of stretch SUV’s, Hummers, Escalades, and Expeditions to name a few. A stretch SUV can best be compared to a Limo bus, not a party bus. The main difference is a limo bus has higher ceilings so the passengers can fully stand up and walk around. A Stretch SUV like a Hummer, does not have high enough ceilings so the passengers must bend in order to move around. Typically a stretch SUV has a more appealing look compared to a limo bus, this is why some customers choose a stretch SUV over a typical Limo Bus.

So to recap, the Limo Bus is your luxurious choice with the ability to stand up and move around. The Party Bus is not typically so luxurious but is very fun non the less, and lastly the stretch SUV is very luxurious but has limitations regarding the ability to stand. So when you are ready to rent your larger limousine, make sure to ask the right questions.

Why are Party Buses so Expensive?

Although Rent The Party Bus makes every effort to offer the best prices around, there are several reasons our vehicles can be pricey.

Vehicles: Needless to say, luxury and stretch vehicles and partybuses are expensive. A new stretch limousine will cost between $75-$100K and a partybus from $150K-$250K! In order to keep the fleet fresh, companies often rotate these every 3-4 years. This means that a note is, the majority of the time, being carried on the vehicle which is another expense to cover. Most companies have FULLY LOADED vehicles, meaning they come with all the fixings. Ice Cold A/C, LCD TVs, Incredible Light and Sound Systems, Detachable Stripper Poles, Wet Bars, Ice Coolers, Wood Floors, Wrap Around Leather Seating, Ceiling Mounted Hand Rails, & Ample Cup Holders.

Insurance costs in the partybus industry are HUGE. Basic liability may account for 10% of total expenses and that doesn’t include any additional lines that a company carries. There is a high probability that if there is an accident that the company will have passengers on board. It’s not pleasant to think about, but it is a real risk.

There are many so-called “Party Bus” bus companies that have taken short cuts to try to provide a lower rate. However, the saying “You get what you pay for” is extremely pertinent to the Luxury Transportation Business. We have taken every measure to make sure that we provide you with the best possible service and Party Bus you could ever ask for. This means higher costs, but the extra cost is absolutely worth making sure that your very special event goes perfectly. You can never get this event back so make sure that it goes the way you want it to. It is our mission to ensure you have the time of your life!

Party Bus Parking at Dallas Cowboys stadium

Talking a Limousine or Party Bus to a Dallas Cowboys football game can be a fun and exiting event. However, there are some very important things you will need to know to make sure you do not encounter any issues. Please make sure you are aware of the following items.

Parking availability – There are only 12,000 parking spaces available.

Bus Parking – You will need a special parking pass in order to park your Party bus on property.

Route and Directions – The Cowboys have created a handy tool that will help you get from your parking area to the stadium entrance.

Disabled Parking – All disabled parking spaces are on a first come first serve basis.

Limousine and Party Bus parking – You will need to purchase a drop off pass for the specific event you are planning to attend. The cost starts at $125.00 Below is a link for more information.

Passenger Drop off and Pick up zones – There are only two passenger drop off zones in the stadium and they may not be accessible after an event due to post event traffic.

Tailgating – Tailgating for Cowboy games is designated to tailgating spaces only. Make sure when you rent a Party bus or limousine that your service provider shows proof of a bus pass. All tailgating areas are on a first come first serve basis.

Below is a more detailed explanation of each of Dallas Cowboys stadium parking policies. Make sure to go over each policy with your service provider before you rent a dallas party bus or limousine.
You can find all the info at

Our goal is to provide our guests with an exceptional experience, from the moment that they leave for the game to the time that they return. The Cowboys have created a transportation and parking plan designed to keep the traffic moving, make it easy to park, and ensure safety as fans make their way into the stadium. This page contains important information about transportation and parking at Cowboys Stadium and will help prepare you to have an enjoyable event day.
Parking Availability
There are approximately 12,000 parking spaces distributed among 15 numbered lots at Cowboys Stadium. In addition, there are nearly 12,000 parking spaces in lettered lots around the Texas Rangers Ballpark that may be used on an event day. Parking areas are generally open five (5) hours prior to Cowboys games. Cowboys Stadium is not responsible for and assume no liability arising from accidents, fire, theft, damage to or loss of the vehicle of any article therin while on stadium property.

Bus Parking
Bus parking is located in Lot 15. All other lots are for standard size vehicles only (Lot 14 is for RVs and oversized vehicles). A bus parking pass is required.

* Bus Season Parking

* Bus Individual Game Parking

Customized Route and Directions
The Cowboys have created an online tool that will provide our guests with directions to the stadium and to their specific parking lot. Visit (link) and enter the zip code from the starting point and select an assigned parking lot. For cash parking, select “cash” instead of a specific lot. The site will prepare personalized directions and a route map. By following the directions provided, the guest will avoid traffic delays and get parked quickly. The use of GPS systems or other map websites is discouraged as they do not take into account current road conditions and the traffic plan developed exclusively for Cowboys Stadium.
Designated Lot
When a guest purchases a season parking pass for Cowboys games, they will have a pass for a designated lot. Their parking pass is valid only for the lot designated on the pass. By having a specific lot assignment, they will be directed to their lot.

Directed Parking Spaces

Once a guest enters their appropriate lot, they will be directed to a parking spot by an attendant. By following the direction of the parking staff they will assist the guest with being parked quickly and safely. A parking pass is valid for one (1) spot, and parking spots are for vehicles only. Guests wishing to park near a friend, both parties must have parking passes for the same lot and arrive together. Parking spots cannot be reserved or saved for guests arriving at later time. Parking spots are for vehicles only. Drive aisles must remain clear at all times. No items (coolers, tents, tables, chairs, etc.) of any kind may be placed on the ground behind, in front of or around parked vehicles. These items are permitted only in designated tailgating spaces.

Disabled Parking
Accessible parking spaces are available in each lot and are issued on a first come/first served basis. A parking pass for that designated lot and a person with a state-issued disabilities plate or placard are required to park in an accessible parking space. The person who has been issued the plate or placard must be in the vehicle. Violators will be subject to citation and possible revocation of season parking privileges.

Limousine Parking
Limousines will be able to drop off passengers in Lot 1 and in Lot 6. Limousine parking is available on Randol Mill Road and on Cowboys Way. A limousine parking pass is required.

* Limo Season Parking

* Limo Individual Game Parking
Passenger Drop-Off & Pick-Up Zones
There are two passenger drop-off zones at the stadium. One is located on the North side of Randol Mill Road in Lot 1 and the other is located on the South side off of Cowboys Way in Lot 6. Due to post event traffic, these areas may not be accessible for pick up. Guests may use the Accessibility Shuttle serving all Cowboys Stadium parking lots.

There is one area that is a passenger pick-up zone at the stadium. It is located at the entrance to the AT&T Plaza adjacent to North Collins Avenue and Cowboys Way. Taxis are also staged at this location for drop off pre-event and pick up post-event.

RV/Oversized Vehicle Parking
RVs and oversized vehicles (any vehicle longer than 19 feet) must be parked in Lot 14. All other lots are for standard size vehicles only. An RV/Oversized vehicle parking pass is required.

* More RV Parking and Tailgating Info

* RV Individual Game Parking
Tailgating Spaces
Tailgating for Cowboys games is permitted in designated tailgating spaces only. These spaces are located on the perimeter of each parking lot and have a grassy area immediately behind the vehicle parking spot. There are tailgating spaces in Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, and the spaces are filled on a first come/first served basis. If interested in tailgating, it is important to arrive early to obtain one of the designated spaces.

Tailgating Guidelines
All guests wishing to tailgate must observe the following guidelines. These guidelines have been developed to provide a fair, reasonable and safe tailgating experience for guests. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the loss of tailgating privileges and ejection from the parking lot.

* Tailgating spaces are for vehicles only. Parking spaces may not be used for tents, grills, chairs or other items. Each vehicle must have a valid parking permit.
* Tailgating is defined as the placement of any item on the ground (chairs, coolers, grills, games, etc.)
* Tailgating is only permitted in the grass areas on the perimeter of the parking lots. The maximum area that any single tailgate space may occupy is 9-feet wide and 12-feet deep.
* Tailgating must be confined to the area adjacent to the end of the designated tailgating vehicle parking space (maximum of 12 feet from the rear of the parking vehicle).
* Any grass areas beyond the designated tailgating spaces are considered common ground and may be used by other guests for tailgating or picnicking activities.
* Tailgating is not permitted in Lot 3, portions of Lot 5, Lot 8, and Lot 9.
* Tailgating is permitted from the time the lots open and up to two (2) hours following Dallas Cowboys or college football games.
* All guests must follow the directions and instructions provided by stadium personnel (parking staff, security, police, etc.).
* Dispose of trash in the appropriate receptacles.
* Coals must be disposed of in the designated coal containers located throughout the lots. Do not dump coals or store stoves on the grass, parking areas, under or around vehicles.
* The following items/activities are prohibited:
* Deep fryers or any oil-based cooking or frying
* Open flame fires of any kind. Charcoal or gas cooking is permitted.
* Disorderly conduct
* Picketing, political campaigning or soliciting/distribution of any kind
* Saving parking or tailgating spaces
* Weapons and fireworks
* Sale of food, beverage, merchandise, etc.
* Advertising or promoting any third party products (including but not limited to food and beverage products)
* Amplified sound systems or the use of radios/audio devices at loud levels.
Vehicle Security Inspection

All vehicles parking within the Stadium’s secured parking perimeter are subject to a security inspection before being allowed to park

For more information, Click Here


Dallas 30 passenger party bus

Rent The Party Dallas Expands Fleet

Adding to their already extensive fleet of Luxury Party Buses, Rent The Party Bus has unveiled the new 30 passenger party bus. This bus dons all the fixings you could possible want in a Party Bus in Dallas. It boasts Ice Cold A/C, 10 LCD TVs, Incredible Light and Sound System, Detachable Stripper Pole, Wet Bar, 2 Coolers, Wood Floors, Wrap Around Leather Seating, Ceiling Mounted Hand Rails, & Ample Cup Holders. Help get this Party Bus used to the road by using their New Party Bus Special Discount. RTPB offers special discounts every time they add a new Party Bus to their fleet. By continually adding new Party Buses to their fleet, Rent The Party Bus further show’s why they are America’s number one Party Bus provider. Not only do you receive first class Vehicles from RTPB but you also get the highest level of customer service and attention to detail in the business. They have been recognized as an A+ company by the Better Business Bureau for 5 years and counting.

Dallas Party Bus

Ask the Dallas Party Bus Expert

The decision to rent a Party Bus is often very important and difficult. Rather than going through the process alone, allow one of our expert representatives to take the burden away and make it as smooth as possible. A Party Bus is the ultimate way to celebrate any momentous occasion in your life. These moments are times we can never get back and it is’s mission to ensure it is extraordinary. Having been in the Luxury Transportation business for many years we have experienced many of the pitfalls in the industry. There is no specific governing body keeping tabs on this industry and unfortunately for you, the customer, this can lead to events going badly. Allowing us to take care of your transportation needs will alleviate any possibility of your event going wrong. We take the utmost pride in our customer satisfaction and go beyond the limits of transporting passengers. Each of our customers receives First Class treatment from all of our affiliates at Top Notch Bars, Restaurants and Clubs. Before making your decision to book a vehicle with ANY company, including ourselves, please follow these guidelines.

1. Be sure the company is reputable by reading customer reviews.

2. Find out the number of passengers allowed in the limousine you want to rent and the cost per hour before proceeding.

3. Check to be certain the limousine carrier is licensed to operate a commercial vehicle.

4. Be sure to check that the company you are considering renting from has liability insurance (owner/operators with no employees are not required to carry workers’ compensation insurance).

5. Get a written agreement with the terms of hiring the vehicle such as the cost, deposit required, refund and tip policies, pick-up/drop-off times, arrival and departure locations, specific type of limo requested and services expected. This helps to ensure that you will receive the services you have requested at the cost the company quotes

6. Be sure this is a LIMO STYLE Party Bus. The Term “Party Bus” is used very loosely. Ask for Pictures!!

7. Ask the limousine company to show you the vehicle you will be renting. Pictures are not always the vehicles that show up. If this is not possible ask for them to email you pictures so you know they are not just stolen images from the internet.

8. Remember that alcohol is not allowed in limousines carrying passengers where everyone is under 21 years of age. If the driver is transporting only minors, and discovers alcohol in the car, the driver is required to return the passengers to their original pick-up location.

9. Prearrangement with a limousine company is required, unlike a taxi service.

10. Keep ALL receipts!!

For more information go to


5 Ideas to help make your Dallas Party Bus Rental a SUCCESS!

There is much more that goes into making a Party Bus Rental a truly amazing event than merely hiring the service. At Rent The Party Bus, we understand how much really goes into making your Party Bus Rental as spectacular as possible. Here are some tips to help make your Rental all that you hope for:

1. MAP IT OUT. During your Dallas Party Bus Rental things can tend to get a little crazy and keeping track of everyone can become a nuisance. Especially when the “Partying” gets started! It is best to have a planned out itinerary of the places you will go and when you plan to be there. Doing this can help avoid spending too much time gathering and not enough time partying!

2.    MAKE RESERVATIONS. We go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients. If you have specific places you would like to go, we will make every effort to be sure you have reservations and get special discounts. However, we need you to let us know where it is you would like to go in advance so we can make this happen.

3.    BUY IN ADVANCE. Since we cannot purchase your “party favors” for you, it is best to purchase everything in advance. When the vehicle shows up you can load everything onto it and go! This way you wont waste valuable party time shopping for booze!

4.    ADVISE YOUR FRIENDS. Before our drivers go anywhere, they will give you a rundown of the policies of Rent The Los Angeles Party Bus vehicles. However, it is best if you let your friends know what you are liable for so that they respect our vehicle as though it is yours.

5.    HAVE FUN!!! This one should be easy!

If you follow these easy steps your event will be much more enjoyable. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know and it will be done!

Avoid BEING SCAMMED When Renting a Party Bus!

The Party Bus and Full Size Luxury Vehicle business is a new and exciting way to make your event as amazing as possible. Unfortunately, being a new business field means lack of a governing body. It is possible for less ambitious companies to attempt to scam or misguide potential customers to get business. We have the utmost pride in retaining each and every customer with unmatched customer service. We have had many patrons call us requesting that we salvage their event after some other company failed to come through. At Rent The Party Bus, we understand the importance of your event. We realize you can never get it back. Which is why we have developed these easy steps to avoid being scammed:

1. ALWAYS be sure this is a LIMO STYLE Party Bus. The Term “Party Bus” is used very loosely. Ask for Pictures!!

2. ALWAYS make sure the vehicle you THINK you are reserving is the vehicle that will show up. Ask to see the vehicle, or at the very least ask to see EMAILED pictures of the vehicle. Some sites put generic pictures on their sites to lure customers in.

3. ALWAYS be sure the company is reputable. This can be done by reading customer reviews on Google, Yahoo, and many other local business websites. The reviews on the Company’s website are sometimes fabricated

4. ALWAYS get a written agreement with the terms of hiring the vehicle such as the cost, deposit required, refund and tip policies, pick-up/drop-off times, arrival and departure locations, specific type of limo requested and services expected. This helps to ensure that you will receive the services you have requested at the cost the company quotes.

5. ALWAYS check to be certain the limousine carrier is licensed to operate a commercial vehicle. DO NOT assume that they are fully licensed to provide this service. Your safety is in their hands, better to be safe than sorry.

By following these easy steps you can help ensure that your very special event goes according to plan!

5 Things to Remember when RIDING a Dallas PARTY BUS!

Please remember that while we want you to have an amazing time, our first priority is safety for you and your belongings. Please keep these things in mind when riding the Los Angeles party bus to ensure you can have as good a time as possible while remaining safe.

1.    KEEP YOUR BALANCE. Even though it feels like you are in a club, remember a party bus is a moving club that can stop and start at anytime. PLEASE HOLD HAND RAILS WHEN STANDING. When the Los Angeles party bus is in motion it is recommended you sit down especially later in the night when you have had a few drinks!

2.    HOLD YOUR DRINK. If you leave your beverage anywhere but a cup holder IT WILL SPILL. Spillage leads to slippery floors, which leads to unnecessary slipping. Also, you don’t have to fill your drinks to the brim, if you do, it will most likely end up on the floor, which is a major party foul!

3.    WATCH YOUR BELONGINGS. Since the party bus is stopping and starting constantly, loose objects (phones, cameras, and iPod’s, etc…) left around the party bus can fall and get damaged or lost. Please keep your belongings on your persons. Our drivers stay with the party bus to maintain the safety of your belongings but it is impossible for them to remember the face of every person who is in your group and is allowed on the party bus. Please do not leave valuables on the party bus when you are not on it

4.    LET THE Dallas Party Bus DRIVER DRIVE. While all of our drivers are very experienced and licensed to operate these vehicles, they are still difficult to maneuver, especially with people distracting them. Make your decisions on where you would like to go in advance and then please let the driver concentrate on the road to ensure your safety

5.    WATCH OUT FOR HOP ONS. Though you may make friends through out the night at bars and clubs. Think twice before you invite them onto the party bus. It is best that you keep your guests to trusted friends and family. Ultimately, you are responsible for anything that happens on the party bus during the time of your rental.

By following these guidelines you will have a much more enjoyable experience!